Onshoring, Offshoring or Outsourcing – The Reasons Matter

The last American election “exposed” outsourcing as an evil, and in part, a reason one presidential candidate defeated another.  The belief is that outsourcing – foreign or domestic – helps to optimize a business function.  I heard this argument for the hundredth times on the Washington Times Communities website in an article titled, Outsourcing vs. […]

Software Development and Outsourcing

Earlier this year, I went to India on behalf of a client that had outsourced their software development.  I met with architects, project managers, business analysts, testers and developers.  What they had to say about software development was astonishing, but revealing. I have nothing against any country.  Outsourcing is not always bad and the worse […]

IT Workers – Let’s Get the Outsourcing Argument Right

Former IT workers at Molina healthcare have started a firestorm with a lawsuit (see Outsourced and Fired, IT Workers Fight Back).  The article is an interesting read and I side with the former IT workers . . . but not for the reasons that keep being used.  They claim discrimination and they may be right, […]

Hilton’s Outsourcing – Unwarranted and Unnecessary?

I know there are a lot of flag-waving US citizens angry over the outsourcing of US jobs that goes beyond Hilton.  The corporate mantra of achieving business cost reductions has been the subject of many of my offerings including the Quality Digest article Paring Down to Spend More.  As US jobs are lost overseas in a time of […]

Better Tips for Government IT Outsourcing or Shared Services

GovTech.com has released an article titled 5 Tips for Outsourcing or Sharing IT Resources.  For all the advocating of technology, GovTech has no way to comment on any article.  So, here we go. The first sentence should be a warning to any reader that this isn’t journalism, but a biased view.  It reads “Sharing or outsourcing […]

Outsourcing Call Centers

There are many reasons I don’t like the idea of calls centers being outsourced, so let’s outline the reasons why. Branding.  Customers see your organization through who they come in contact with and organizations reducing costs fail to realize that can have a big effect.  Dell is probably the best recent example, the outsourcing has […]

Outsourcing: Why It's a Bad Idea

I have had a lot of mini-battles over this stance (99% from vendors that profit from outsourcing) and I am sure I am going to have more.  We need to have this discussion, it supports better thinking than the assumption that outsourcing always saves money. Let’s begin with a look at the common thinking . […]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Benchmarking, Outsourcing, Shared Services and Command and Control Thinking

Pestilence, War, Famine and Death . . . the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  Benchmarking, Outsourcing, Shared Services and Command and Control Thinking are the four horsemen of the business apocalypse. Let’s begin with a brief overview of benchmarking (pestilence).  This is comparing one organization against another.  This violates a fundamental premise of systems thinking […]

Think First: Call Center Outsourcing

Let’s assume that we already have a call center, as opposed to the question of whether we need a call center (different blog).  In command and control thinking organizations they see an expense of $s for personnel or $s per transaction and say if I outsource this to India, Philippines, etc. (doesn’t really matter where) I […]

3 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing

I spoke to a reporter from India (Reed Business Information) this morning regarding outsourcing and more specifically the impact on Infosys.  He informed me my view was “different” than everyone else and I could only reply that I was used to that comment.  Most Americans want “in-sourcing” because they want to bring jobs back to North […]