Indiana Education – Job Reviews for Teachers

The performance review is back in the limelight.  Indiana teachers are rated 99% as “effective” according to the Indianapolis Star.  The Star bemoans the fact that this is not possible in business and that this needs to change when students don’t pass 25% of the statewide exams. Dr. Tony Bennett calls it a “statistical impossibility.”  […]

Indiana State Department of Education – Where is the Evidence?

  Image via Wikipedia The proposed evaluation of teachers in the State of Indiana continues to be the mantra of Dr. Tony Bennett, State Superintendent.  What Dr. Bennett continues to fail to realize is that evaluations are results-focused and only improved method will improve education. Dr. Bennett has provided no evidence that his assumptions around […]

A Call to Eliminate the Indiana State Department of Education

  Image via Wikipedia Only Tom Paine can better phrase the efforts to improve Indiana education as it has gone “from the ridiculous to the sublime.”  The State Department of Education has long lost its way in developing any thinking to improve anything.  Republicans originally didn’t even want national or state Departments of Education and […]

Expect Worse Performance and More Bureaucracy with Merit Pay in Education

Image via Wikipedia Andrea Neal recently wrote a column in the Indianapolis Star titled More Money for Best Teachers.  This opinion article attempts to convince us of why merit pay is really a good thing for education.  Although well-intended as most wrong-headed theories are, this one is especially egregious in conclusions without evidence. So, let’s […]